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The Big Reveal

22 Jul

Next to the delicious “duckie” cupcakes at our couples’ shower in Murray to celebrate Baby Hutch. Thank you to our amazing hosts!

As I am sure I have mentioned before – one negative of living 6,800 miles away from family and friends back in the States is not celebrating the “big moments” of life with those who we love most.  So when we had the opportunity to reveal our little one’s gender with our nearest and dearest in person…we could not pass up the opportunity!

I cannot take any credit for how fun and creative the “Big Reveal” turned out to be.  Leave it to Kim Willson and Mary Kay Bowden, my best friends since we met as teeny little girls on Olive Street, to create the perfect “Margarita Mama” baby shower complete with a baby carriage piñata busting to announce GIRL or BOY!  I think you will see in the short video clip below that we were completely SURPRISED!

It’s a GIRL!!

Well…in case you couldn’t see clearly enough – all the candy inside the piñata was PINK – revealing that we are in fact having a baby GIRL.  And although Mary Kay and Kim obviously knew what we were having (as they filled the piñata themselves) they were totally shocked that we had not tried to milk it out of our mothers  – who were with us the day before at the ultrasound when the doctors determined that our little bun-in-the-oven is of the female variety.  To be fair – Donna (my mother-in-law) should also be given credit.  She read the ultrasound herself!

Brett busted it open with one swing! What a big strong baby daddy!

Honestly, it was a bit of a risk to do a big reveal so early in the pregnancy.  I was only 4 months at the time…which is still a little early to be 100% sure – but it was our only chance as it is not permitted to learn the baby’s sex here in China.  At 6 months in – we are 100% that Brett has his hands full with another “little me” on the way.  I believe my father’s words were “good luck with that”.  I am thrilled to continue on with the pink parade…and I feel confident that Brett is too!

Excited and totally surprised! Full disclosure…we had taken the “Intelligender” test (an over-the-counter pee stick type thingy” while we were in New Orleans a few days before, and it said BOY! Well…that was fifty bucks down the toilet – literally.

Our sweet guests watching Brett bust the piñata. The joy of growing up in a community like Murray, Kentucky (officially American’s friendliest small town) never fades. Thank you to all of you for celebrating this moment with us!

Hugging my mom. As her side of family only seems to produce little girls – I think she was a bit relieved. I did overhear her telling Brett’s mom – “I don’t think I would have known what to do with a boy!”  Mom…I have no doubt you would have figured it out!

Getting parenting tips from my dad. With my little brother, Bailey, having just turned six…his experience is not as dated as one might think!

With my sweet Mary Kay. Thank you to you and Kimmy for all the amazing details. What a treat to share this moment with you!  I can’t wait to watch Annabelle, Drewsie, and Olive tell Sanders and Russell that “NO BOYS” are allowed just like we told Robert!

Drew, Kimmy, and Mary Kay enjoying some tasty treats!

“Baby Girl Talk” with the ladies of the family. My mother-in-law Donna, My Aunts Jane, Lorna, & Cindy, and My Grandmothers Bettie and Jean.

Admiring the gift from Nanny, my maternal grandmother, a necklace given to her when she was five by my great-grandparents. So precious! Can’t wait to give it to our little Olive Bee when she turns five.

Chatting with some of my favorite humans on the earth!

What a special day for our family of 2.5!  Thank you again to our hosts and guests who made the day even more memorable for us.  We are so blessed!

A big thank you to Tara Dennison for capturing this moment for us on video!  It is such a treasure.

Better Late Than NEVER: Grease is the Word…

9 Jul

Due to my unfortunate procrastination – I think it is high time that I start a category of posts called “Better Late Than NEVER”.  This will give me the opportunity to write about things that happened weeks ago (or most likely months ago) whenever the “blog bug” hits me.  So let’s start with a fun one….Grease is the Word!

Morgan & Brett channelling Sandra Dee & Danny Zuko

Back in December, The Red Headed Sisters – Megan & KC Connolly, threw a bowling birthday bash in Beijing to celebrate KC’s big 3-0.  And what better theme for a bowling bash than GREASE!  Every single guest came in full on Grease-worthy gear.  A custom soundtrack not only blasted through the overhead speakers to set the perfect tone, but also went home with each guest as a party favor on individual CD’s.  From cheeseburger shaped cupcakes to french fry cookies with red icing “ketchup” – these pink ladies thought of everything!

BOWL OFF: Sexy Sandy VS Not-So-Sexy Sandra Dee

Look at those amazing forms! Morgan Hutchinson with Birthday Girl KC Connolly

Sandra Dee & Rizzo: Morgan Hutchinson & Megan Connolly

Eating one of the delicious “burger” cupcakes!

Sandra Dee & Danny. Doesn’t Brett has the perfect “Zuko” Hair!?

Cutest cupcakes and french fry cookies ever!!

Those cute Connolly’s really know how to show their guests a good time!  Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Rydell High forever.

“Sorry – I Can’t…I Am Knocked Up!”

3 Jul

Last week Beijing celebrated Roberto Cavalli’s new fragrance at the Legendale Hotel with champagne, martinis, and one crazy Eastern European exotic dancer (i.e. – her full time job is most likely a stripper at Chocolate…click to read about this Beijing “treasure”).  I, on the other hand, celebrated with sparkling water and a headache from the strobe lights and the massive amounts of perfume being pumped through the vents.  Don’t get me wrong – I had a great time…but it turns out that some parties are less preggers friendly than others.

Brett & Morgan Hutchinson – Roberto Cavalli Fragrance Launch Beijing 2012

Sarah Wilson & Morgan Hutchinson – Roberto Cavalli Fragrance Launch Beijing 2012

One thing I certainly do love about being pregnant in China is that the local ladies praise you for the smallest of accomplishments.  Case in point – the mere fact that I was wearing heels awarded me many an admiring word.  But the highlight of my night came just moments after the “dancer” finished her routine and left the stage (more of a life-size trophy stand really).

“Exotic dancer” and an admiring male model at the Cavalli Fragrance Launch

As I stood there watching and chatting with Brett and Sarah, one of the local PR girls responsible for the event approached me and asked if I would like a “go”.

 “A go?  A go… at what, Miss?”  I quite confusedly asked her.
“Would you like to go next?” She responded, pointing to the trophy stand.
After my initial shock and short, yet warranted bout of laughter – I said to her, “Sorry, I can’t – I am knocked up!”
This of course was a bit lost in translation, so I quickly added, “I mean – I really shouldn’t,  I am 5 months pregnant”.  And then guess what happened?  That’s right – more praise for the high heels.  Fabulous.

I must be honest though – I was tempted.  If only the “stage” had been a little larger (and safer).  What a great story it could have been to tell the little one some day…  But alas – I guess I will just have to stick to the legendary tale of how her grandmother, Momo, beat out scores of 18-year olds at age 37 to win a HOT LEG’S CONTEST.  Not even an official mother yet – and I am already a disappointment  to our family’s legacy ♥

Circus of Love: Family, Friends & Festive Features!

30 Dec

My dear Auntie Lorna reminded me this week via email (during an apparent moment of insomnia…it was 4AM Beijing time) that I never finished uploading the rest of the photos from The Circus of Love.  This was a complete oversight on my part.  With the Chinese wedding, the trip to South Africa, the burn incident, the Hutchinson visit (those pics to come soon), Brett’s birthday, and then the holidays…it totally slipped my mind!

I think I have actually saved the best for last though – the pictures of our family, friends, and the festive atmosphere (created with the amazing help of my mom and Aunt Lorna) are so much fun.  Enjoy!

**If you missed the other entries about the Circus of Love – here they are: Calling All Circus of Love Guests, An Upstaged Bride, Southern Ladies and Their Lipstick, Silly Schafers…Tricks are for kids, Happy Couple at the Circus of Love, The Classy Bride.

Tates, Raglands, Hites, Bolins, Lehnings, Neelley's, and newly wed Hutchinsons!

The Hutchinson Klan

Greeting our Guests!

Besides being greeted by us, our guests were also welcomed with the sounds of a vintage carnival themed horn section, cotton candy, and circus themed cocktails like Mint Julep Snow Cones and Spiked Pink Lemonade.

It's a Mo-Mo! My wonderful mom. I don't what was causing her to look so serious...maybe it was the power outage issues. The venue wasn't used to having so many "carnival" food stations. In fact...every time the cotton candy machine started going - the band lost power! In the end, we opted for dancing over spun sugar.

With my Dad and Becky

My sweet Alabama ladies. Brandace Burnham, Morgan Hutchinson, Christa Crow and Jessica Solon.

We really wanted to have fun with the decorations.  Hence, the Morgan and Brett flying trapeze artists in the background of the picture above.  You can get your own custom set at www.cardboardpeople.com!  We also used hundreds of yards of awning striped fabric in circus bright colors, striped table clothes, giant 36″ helium balloons, and any other circus inspired trinkets we could find to play up the theme.

Brett chatting with the Alabama gents. I have to assume the topic of conversation was SEC football.

Part of the NYC Crew. Shana Spavin and Jill Hacker.

With one of Brett's childhood friends, Kelly Campbell.

With mom and two of her best friends from college. These lovely ladies (plus 5 more) have been getting together every summer for over 30 years! Love it.

With cousin Lizzie and Aunt Cindy.

Friends since the first grade. Ellen Carpenter and Morgan Hutchinson

Columbus ladies taking advantage of the candy cigarettes!

Tate Family Dance Number. We had to at least "try" to keep up with the Schafers!

Mom and I with great family friends - Ruth and Anne Bligh.

With the Amazing Hutchinson sisters - Emmy and Jess! Looks like all of us had just made a trip to the Pabst Blue Ribbon bucket!

With my Auntie Lorna. Thank you so much for your help and creativity. The Circus of Love would not have been the same without you!

With my fantastic mother-in-law!

Pretty in Pink with Fiona!

A big thanks to the lady who introduced us in the first place! With Miss Shana Spavin.

With Leigh and Damir. Love Leigh's self-made feather accessory!

In addition to the rides and games, we also hired a stilt walker, a flame thrower, and a unicyclist to keep the guests entertained.  Truth be told though – it was the silly stuff on the prize table that kept them happy all night!  Who knew that wax lips and bangle bracelets would be so popular?

Newlyweds - Brett and Morgan Hutchinson with Andy and Jess Schemick

With Christina and George Karolis...and their little one that was still a bun-in-the-oven at the time!

Dancing with my dad

We danced to the lovely sounds of Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hill and the Todd Hill Band. Here is the lovely Kala Hill.

Todd Hill singing and playing one of the classic tunes they are known for.

Dancing with Aunt Lorna and Nannie.

With my two gorgeous grand-mothers: Jean Blankenship and Bettie Tate

One of my favorite pictures of the night. The lovely Mrs. Amy Barto getting her groove on!

Of course, Brett and I also wanted to be sure that our “outfits” were Circus of Love appropriate.  So, we added special details whenever we could – like the pink lining of Brett’s dinner jacket with M+B monogrammed on the inside and our special shoes!

Thank you to our wonderful family and friends for celebrating with us!  Sharing our Circus of Love with each of you was such a blessing.  Thank you to our parents for countless hours of help, for storing loads of “Circus” paraphernalia in your homes, and specifically to the Hutchinsons for a fantastic golf tournament, Friday Night BBQ, and Sunday Brunch at the Club.

We would also like to send big thank yous to A Catered Event – the catering company who helped create the perfect “carnie” menu, Laura at White Star Farm – our venue, Sterling Funways for the rides and entertainments, and Abigail at Eden Ink Photography for capturing every moment so perfectly.

Images courtesy of Eden Ink Photography.

Party Party Party in Pastel!

30 Dec

Looking for something sweet and feminine to wear this New Year’s Eve?  The perfect pastel can actually be a bold move.  Think of all the black that will be crowding the dance floors.  You could really stand out in a delicate pink or sea-foam green.  Here are some my favorite pastels from the Spring 2012 runways:

Azzaro Spring 2012

Calla Spring 2012

Carolina Herrera Spring 2012

Costume National Spring 2012

Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 RTW

Jenny Packham Spring 2012

Juan Carols Obando Spring 2012

Mila Schon Spring 2012

Naeem Khan Pre-Fall 2012

Nina Ricci Spring 2012

Rochas Spring 2012

Rodarte Spring 2012

Vera Wang Spring 2012

Images courtesy of www.style.com



A Naked New Year

28 Dec

Did I say, “naked”?  Clearly I meant NUDE.  How about trading in that black or shimmery silver for a knock-out nude.  Don’t you remember how much Mr. Big liked it when Carrie wore it?   And by the way – it doesn’t hurt that it will match your champagne.

Here are a few of my favorite “birthday suit” looks.

Dinner with Friends

Rachel Zoe Pre-Fall 2012

Erin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2012

Cocktail Party

Blugirl by Blumarine Spring 2012

Herve Leger by Max Azria Spring 2012

Antonio Berardi Spring 2012

Black Tie

Reem Acra Spring 2012

Reem Acra Spring 2012

I think dressing like your favorite “bubbly” on such a bubbly heavy holiday is brilliant idea!  Happy New Year!

Images courtesy of http://www.style.com

A Fashionable Fortieth

20 Dec

To celebrate Brett’s big 4-0 on 11.11.11, I planned a Great Gatsby themed fête at Maison Boulud.  Their lounge area set the perfect scene for flappers, feathers, and fancy fish nets.  Corsages, boas and boutonnieres greeted the guests while the bartenders stayed busy mixing Manhattans and Martinis. I believe a good time was had by all…including my sweet mother-in-law who sported false eyelashes for the first time in her life! Love it!

Below are a few looks from the spring runways that inspired the party’s theme..and below that – are actual pics from the party!  I also want to take this opportunity to wish my amazing husband Happy Birthday all over again!

The hat is not exactly perfect for Daisy...but I think she would have loved the dress! ARMANI SPRING RTW 2012

This cloche could not be more perfect for afternoon tea at Gatsby's. DIOR SPRING RTW 2012

Perhaps this dress is a bit sheer...and a bit low-cut - but the pastel color is spot on 1920's. DIOR SPRING RTW 2012

This shimmery number might have even gotten Myrtle her man. JENNY PACKHAM SPRING 2012

Perfect soirée show stopper! VIONNET SPRING 2012

Now for the real P-A-R-T-Y Pics!

The Hutchinson Clan done up in true Gatsby fashion! Thank you so much Cory, Kara, Donna, and Tom for coming 7,000 miles to celebrate with us!

Our sweet friend Moya took this one...she said we were like this all night. I like that.

Gatsby Party Girl Pic!

Thanks to precious Kimmy Willson ,who let me borrow this fab vintage piece, I wore an authentic hand sequined dress from the 1920's. My handsome Brett donned a dinner jacket and a matching double-breasted vest.

So fun that Brett's brother, Cory, came to Beijing to celebrate with us!

Photo Booth Fun Time with Brett and KC!

Brett with his magnificent macaroon tower filled with black forest cake on the inside. A special thank you to Brian Reimer at Maison Boulud for creating such a delicious work of art!

Love these ladies! (Obviously, I am referring to the two that are not me!)

Abe and Sarah - just two of our chic guests. Thank you so much to everyone for dressing the part!

Megan & KC Connolly (in fantastic wigs!), The Hutchinsons, and Miss Moya Li

Happy Birthday Brett! I love you!

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Nicolas, Lotus, Brian, and the entire team at Maison Boulud for all of their help in making Brett’s birthday party a success.  You all are the best!  Thank you!

My MTV Style Bit Moment

13 Oct

I briefly mentioned that I was interviewed by MTV China in my write-up about the 125 years of Bvlgari celebration at the National Museum of  China. Here is the finished clip that recently aired.  My part is split into 2 sections.  That said, we (Brett is in it too!) don’t show up until minute 3 – so for my non-chinese speaking readers…you may want to skip ahead (although the jewelry shown in the first 3 minutes is stunning!)

I have to tell you that the funniest thing about the interview was that the MTV producer on site told me how brave I was for revealing my age.  What?  When did it become brave to say you are 30?  I thought it was supposed to be the new 18 or something…

And by the way – since it taped, I turned 31 – and I am loving it!

Check out the link and let me know what you think!

MTV China Bvlgari Style Bit – A Blonde in Beijing Interview

The Happy Couple at The Circus of Love!

24 Sep

We are so excited to be able to share some pictures!  Abigail at Eden Ink Photography did such an amazing job capturing our big top day!


More images from The Circus of Love by Eden Ink Photography to come!




Is Fashion Worth Fighting For?

16 Sep

Moya Li, Morgan Hutchinson, & Brett Hutchinson. Outfit: Purple Alice and Oliva dress with leather side panels on the skirt paired with Marc Jacobs belt. Neon yellow gladiators purchased at Jiayi Market in Beijing.

I believe fashion is worth fighting for in the case of protecting designers and their creations against counterfeit goods; however, I do NOT believe in physically fighting over it.  Last night I was witness to a knock down drag out between a Chinese man and woman over a gift bag at a fashion show.  This is how it went down…

Moya Li, Zhala, & Morgan Hutchinson at Bread & Butter Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Show

The night started so lovely.  Beijing is finally granting us some nice weather.  It was cool, there was a breeze, and you could almost see a star.  We were in the middle of Chiananmen 23, a beautiful outdoor space in front of Maison Boulud, Daniel Boulud’s Beijing restaurant, with dozens of waiters with trays full of Champagne.  You really could not ask for a more pleasant evening.  And then, there was the show, which was highly entertaining.  The dramatic set-up for the runway made for a great presentation.  High pitched tents surrounded the space to give it a carnival feel and magicians started the pre-show with a grand finale trick of making 3 models magically appear from a box that was previously “empty”.  This set the fashion show in motion and dozens of models began to strut their stuff down the catwalk.

Here are a few of the looks… (honestly – the clothes were not as impressive as the production itself – but the hair was super big – therefore super fantastic!)

During the very last look of the collection…the clouds began to roll in and big raindrops started to fall from the sky.  There was a mad dash to the covered spaces or to the exit (the show was over after all).  Another spot of action was the gift bag table.  After being informed that there was an umbrella in the bag, I scurried over to pick a couple up for Brett and me.  It was very chaotic, so I suggested to Brett that he stand toward the front gate so we wouldn’t lose each other.  I charged through the sea of people to the location of the bags (it was raining quite significantly at this point).  As I bent to grab one – I was pushed…hard.  I looked up to find a young Chinese guy punching a girl (mid-twenties) in the face.  Seriously – punching.  My natural instinct was to step in.  I mean…how could I possibly stand by and let this girl get the crap beaten out of her over a what…compact umbrella covered with the Bread & Butter logo?  The scenario quickly changed, and I found myself holding her back.  She was not going out without a fight.  At this point, the guy realized that it was two against one, so in order to even his playing field (I guess) he pushed me with all the strength of his skinny little arms (which was more than I was prepared for) and I went flying to the ground.  (My 5-inch heels didn’t help the cause).  This was my cue to excuse myself from the situation.  So I did just that.  I picked myself up off the ground and ran to find Brett (no gift bag in hand).

I really underestimated the impact the situation would have on Brett.  I was startled of course immediately after the incident– but when I saw the rage take over his face – like a big Papa Bear – I knew that we had to get out of there.  He peppered me for the identity of the “girl-beater”.  What am I am fool?  I would never have told him.  I could see the future disaster about to happen just by looking into his eyes.  Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed the fact that my husband wanted to kick the “hiney” of anyone who would hurt me…but nothing good would have come from Brett taking on a scrawny Chinese dude.

Luckily we were able to hop in our car and head to another party for the Italian label, Ermenegildo Zegna at Beijing’s Today Art Museum.  The food spread alone took his mind off of the “fashion fight”.  A boy and his belly….

1/10 of the food spread at Zegna party. Very clear that it is a men's fashion line.

Brett and Morgan Hutchinson

I will say this….the story made Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.  I was mentioned as the “other woman trying to break up the fight”.  Of all the reasons to be on Weibo, I could have never predicted this one!

One more side story of the night.  Immediately before the show started, Brett went to the restroom.  By the time he returned – everyone had taken their seats.  We were in the center of the second row – so it was very difficult to get to.  His strategy was to climb over the guests in the front row.  As he divided two Chinese young ladies to straddle the bench in order to get to his seat, our friend Moya began to giggle.  She then informed us that Brett had basically “shoved” (very gently of course) China’s most popular movie star (at this time) out of the way.  Love it.  At the end of the show, I asked to take my picture with her so I could add it to the blog. Can you see in her face how delighted she was by my request ?

Morgan Hutchinson and Yang Mi. I think she sort of looks like a Chinese Snookie.
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