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My MTV Style Bit Moment

13 Oct

I briefly mentioned that I was interviewed by MTV China in my write-up about the 125 years of Bvlgari celebration at the National Museum of  China. Here is the finished clip that recently aired.  My part is split into 2 sections.  That said, we (Brett is in it too!) don’t show up until minute 3 – so for my non-chinese speaking readers…you may want to skip ahead (although the jewelry shown in the first 3 minutes is stunning!)

I have to tell you that the funniest thing about the interview was that the MTV producer on site told me how brave I was for revealing my age.  What?  When did it become brave to say you are 30?  I thought it was supposed to be the new 18 or something…

And by the way – since it taped, I turned 31 – and I am loving it!

Check out the link and let me know what you think!

MTV China Bvlgari Style Bit – A Blonde in Beijing Interview

Silly Schafers – “Tricks” are for Kids!

23 Sep

Technically, I am now a Hutchinson – but the real truth is that when it comes to Brett’s family, the Schafers pretty much dominate.  The sheer volume of them alone is quite phenomenal (Donna – Brett’s mother is 1 of 14)!  Then, when you add in their entertaining personalities and their uncanny ability to coordinate routines that would put the Partridge Family to shame…they become an unstoppable force.

It should come as no surprise to you (since you are reading this) that I not only like, but prefer over-the-top things.  So when my new family welcomed me into their crew by writing a song and singing it for us, staging a FLASH dance in the middle of the Circus of Love, and performing the famous Schafer Magic Show – I could not have felt more at home.

Here are a few pictures from “The Schafer Shows!”  Another big thank you to all of you.  You made our big day under the BIG TOP even more “Carnie”!

Settling in our seats for The Schafer Song!

                               Brett and Morgan Song










Gary Schafer...The Ring Leader!


The guests get involved!


I Heart Donna Schafer Hutchinson!


Let the Magic Begin!

Susie the Clown

Schafer sisters stomping and clapping to notify the crowd that the show is about to begin...

I "magically" reappear with a flying trapeze inspired costume change....

Brett Approves!

Let the Show Begin!

Toasting Before the Show

Amazing 1st Trick!

Clearly, we were impressed...

This is a good one...light bulb lit by cleavage!

We like it!

Saved the Best for Last!

Officially becoming part of the family...

Images courtesy of Eden Ink Photography




Birthday Love from LUDA!

19 Sep

As if Brett’s birthday wishes weren’t enough (and they totally were!)…Mr. Dirty South himself, Ludacris showered me with birthday wishes backstage at the Black Rabbit Music Festival here in Beijing.

Backstage with Ludacris. One more perk of being Blonde in Beijing...it is much easier to get the attention of the people in charge of backstage passes when you are blonde in a sea of brunettes!

This was the inaugural year for the Black Rabbit Music festival  – which made one-day-only stops in Beijing and Shanghai.  The craziest part – Ludacris wasn’t even the headliner.  It was 30 Seconds to Mars.  We skipped out for that and went over to see Grand Master Flash. Sorry Jared.

Morgan and Jared Leto. He is an odd bird - very nice but still...odd. I think I liked him more as Jordan on "My So Called Life" than front man for 30 Seconds to Mars.

The festival was fun – but I really credit that to Brett and our wonderful friends who came with us…and Luda of course!  His portion of the show was great.  But as far as festivals go, Black Rabbit has a lot to learn.   My favorite oddity of the night was that the VIP Area (this was just a perk to an upgraded ticket type – which I wouldn’t recommend except for the parking and easy entry access) only served wine.  Who drinks Merlot with a hot dog?  Or better yet who drinks Merlot at Grand Master Flash? I guess the answer in this case is – me. When in China, right?

Our Black Bunny Crew: KC Connolly, Lena Abed, Sara Wilson, Megan Connolly, Brett and Morgan Hutchinson (picture is missing Moya Li and David Soffer!)

Morgan and Brett at Black Rabbit (I prefer Bunny) Festival in Beijing

Morgan and Lener Beaner!

This picture was taken just after “THE GIRL” finished crashing the stage at Grand Master Flash. By the way, Mom, can you guess who “THE GIRL” was? That’s right…your 31-year old daughter! I use the phrase “THE GIRL” in quotes because after my exit from the stage (okay maybe it was more like a removal…) GMF yelled out, “Give it up for THE GIRL”!  To this, my friend Megan replied, “Couldn’t he have at least said THE BLONDE?”  I couldn’t have said it better.

Morgan sporting the Black Bunny Mask with Megan & KC Connolly and Moya Li.

For a first attempt – I think the Bunny people did an okay job.  Is there room for improvement?  Of course.  Can they do it?  No doubt (well…as long as they ask for some outside help).  We will definitely give it another go next year!

Dancing with Wolves

21 Jul

Mr. Li Jiwei's "Yun. inForm. 798"

Several weeks ago we attended a party hosted by the German Embassy and BMW.  The event launched a new BMW inspired exhibit by Chinese born artist Li Jiwei.  Though Li Jiwei’s art  installation was engaging, the far more remarkable work was created by a relatively unknown Chinese artist.  An artist who must have a thing for wolves…

After the gallery unveiling of Mr. Li Jiwei’s exhibition, Revolverheld, a German rock band, performed an open air concert in the 798 Art District Originality Square.  As we walked into the space we were immediately taken aback by the sight of over one hundred life-size bronze wolves.  It was as if a pack of wolves decided to have a night out of the woods to listen to a classic rock band.

Wolf pack rocking out to Revolverheld. They are so into it!

Brett and I pretty much spent the rest of the evening taking photos of ourselves riding the wolves and posing with other various pieces of art.  Clearly, we are very classy art connoisseurs!  I expect a call from the Met any day – begging me to take the head curator position.  Here are a few of our masterpieces….

Taking in Revolverheld on a wolf bench

Riding a random white horse. There is an entire series of these...not intended for public viewing!

Oh yes...this is Brett in the most cliché pose of the night. I am sure I convinced him to do this!

I am not even sure what this is...a big baby angel? I am pretty sure; however, that I wanted to take the picture because I thought my blue jumpsuit matched it perfectly!

Brett...looking cute as always!

A Chinese Love Song Singer and a Hooker

12 Apr

Album Cover of Tai Yuan Long, Chinese Love Song Singer

Apparently being out on the town, with your significant other on your arm, is not a deterrent for the people of Beijing.  In fact, from my experience, I am beginning to believe that their aggressive nature lures them to the challenge.  I would like to share 2 of our favorite stories that happened within 1 week of each other.

The first incident occurred on St. Patrick’s Day at our favorite Irish Pub in town, Molly Malone’s.  It was absolutely packed (mostly due to the fact that the Guinness was flowing like wine…for FREE).  Brett and I were at a table about to order some food when a friend of mine from Hong Kong walked in.  I know – small world, right?  She was with a Chinaman. He quickly approached me, and introduced himself as a Chinese love song singer.  His English was very broken so the conversation was difficult, not to mention the fact that he had absolutely no interest in including Brett in the discussion (of which I am still fuzzy on the content).  We were able to get rid of him when the food arrived.  We had a few laughs and then we didn’t really think another thing of it.  The next day I received this hilarious text  message (verbatim):

“Hi Morgan.  Did not know that I write your name to be whether correct?  I was last night acquaintance’s Chinese love song singer.  My Chinese name pronunciation is Tai Yuan Long; you may call my English name TallOne.  You are very attractive, is very sexy, I like you, feels is infatuated very much.  Hoped that we have the very good relations.  Because perhaps we are acquainted with each other, may let your Chinese be getting better.  May let my English be getting better.  Will meet next time the present to you my phonograph record.  You from USA?   I am Cancer (the crab).  What is your constellation?”

First, I would like to thank my friend in Hong Kong for giving him my number.  Secondly, I am a Virgo.

Interior of Chocolate (i.e. hookerville)

A few nights later, it was my turn to be completely ignored.  We were having after dinner drinks with some friends at a pretty seedy bar called Chocolate.  I would NOT recommend it!  It was pretty clear that the majority of the women in the place were working girls (not the Melanie Griffith type). It was obvious that Brett and I were together – holding hands, arm in arm, etc; however this visibly did not matter.  Reluctantly I excused myself to the ladies room, which by the way, was covered in college bar gunk and had your typical hole in the ground Chinese toilet.  Needless to say, it was a lovely experience.

I couldn’t have been gone more than 2 minutes.  When I returned, Brett was engaged in work talk with our 2 friends, although someone else was desperately trying to join the group.  I watched and laughed from a few feet away for about 20 seconds as Brett continued to literally shake off the aggressive and pudgy hooker.  Then – I am not sure what happened.  As best I can tell, the Morgan that I know left my body to be replaced by a territorial hippo.  (I looked it up – they are the most territorial mammals according to many sources.)  I grabbed the little Chinese girl by the hand and pulled her away exclaiming, “Bùshì nǐ de”.  (Not yours in Chinese).  Classy…right?   Morgan reentered my body.  I looked over at Brett and our friends in utter humiliation, but Brett had the proudest smile on his face.  I am positive that Tammy Wynette would have been proud as well.

Beijing Tip:

Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

No.90, Jinbao Street

Dongcheng District


Tel: (+86) 010 010-65227258

Website: http://www.mollymalonebeijing.com

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