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125 Years of Bvlgari

12 Sep

By the time Bulgari actually celebrated its 125 Years of Italian Magnificence here in China – it was already time for the 127th year celebration.  Not that anyone is holding it against them.  I am just assuming they took the slow boat.

Bulgari’s Heritage exhibition has been traveling around the globe for over two years now with stops in Rome and Paris – among others.  Lucky for us, it recently settled in at the National Museum of China in Beijing.  So on September 4, 2011 – Beijings’ “fancies” came out on the town to toast to the jewels (with Moët of course).

Brett and I hosted a little champagne and make-up pre-party.  He is such a good sport!

Sarah Wilson, Morgan Hutchinson, Meili Autumn (my great friend and the best make-up artist in Beijing), and Lena Abed in front of our apartment building.

Brett & Morgan Hutchinson at Bulgari Pre-party (i.e. our apt.)

Blondes in Beijing: Sarah Wilson and Morgan Hutchinson outside of the National Museum of China. Sarah is wearing a "50 Different Ways" dress from Legacy in NYC. I am wearing a reconstructed vintage dress from the 80's with a Birdie Bass Original Fascinator

Brett and Morgan Hutchinson at the National Museum of China

Just like everything in China – there is a VIP entrance and then there is a VVIP entrance. My thought process is why not try for the VVIP? So, with all the confidence I could muster up, I walked right up to very important red carpet  – only to be immediately stopped by the man with “the list”. Ouch. I wasn’t prepared to give up just yet.  So, I simply stated that I am “The Blonde in Beijing, and I am meant to walk this carpet”.  (Whatever that means…) Then, with the help of my blonde fro – photographers began to take notice and left their posts to photograph us.  Apparently, this was the only proof needed by the “list keeper” and the velvet rope was lifted for us.

Giving Brett a kiss to say thank you for always putting up with my shenanigans. Truth be told - I know deep down he loves them! I mean just look at his shoes...

All the ladies on the VVIP carpet: Meili Autumn, Moya Li, Sarah Wilson, Morgan Hutchinson, and Lena Abed

My interview with MTV China. They asked me to describe my look for the evening in great detail. It will air on September 23rd!!

125 Years of Italian Magnificence Invitation

Vivian Liu and Andreas Buöen

Brett and Morgan Hutchinson inside the Bulgari Exhibit. Amazing Jewels!!

Coco & Karl

15 Dec


Channeling Chanel - Cigarette = Prop!

I have to go a bit back in time for this one.  Not all the way back to the time before January 10, 1971 when

Cloning Karl

the world lost one of the greatest designers of all time – Coco Chanel – but back to October 31, 2010 – when I channeled Chanel and Brett cloned Karl (Lagerfeld) for a Halloween celebration…Beijing style.


We hit the town with a fantastic group of friends dressed in a variety of costumes including:  a Piece of “Bad Press”, a Greek Goddess, a French Painter, a Bride and Groom, and my personal favorite – Barbie and Ken.  The night started at the Saddle Cantina (one of our favorite spots) to fill up on mexican food and margaritas.  Although, I am pretty positive that Coco would have preferred Steak Tartare and Champagne….if she ate at all!

Coco "Taking-In" Barbie's Dress

After dinner we set out for an official Halloween Party at LAN Club – a Phillipe Starck designed restaurant and lounge.  The party was packed with locals in fabulous costumes.  I was thrilled to see how much the Chinese love a costume.  I would wear a costume everyday if I could.  Perhaps in Beijing…I can.  At the party we spotted  a Lego, a variety of Pandas and Disney Characters, and of course a slew of girls dressed as scantily clad as possible – because after all – that is what Halloween is all about, right?

Coco with Bride Moya Li (She didn't even recognize me!)


The music was a big highlight of the party.  There were 3 rooms with completely different genres of tunes – so if we got tired of one – we just danced our way to another area.  Because LAN is also a restaurant, we were able to find a deserted private room to rest our feet and avoid the long lines at the loo.  It was a win – win!

Halloween in Beijing.  I give it 4 Blonde’s out of 5!

**Please NOTE – The cigarette is a prop.  It was never lit!


Karl + Coco



The Circus Comes to Cairo…Tents, Belly Dancers & a Lion!

11 Oct

Birthday Dinner by The Great Pyramids! FASHION: Off White Linen One Shoulder Jumpsuit with Detachable Gold Lame and Metallic Green Brocade Skirt. Tailored Made in China.

Our last day in Cairo fell on my actual birthday (which I had clearly been celebrating for over a week already…typical only child, right?). Spoiled by a fantastic boyfriend – I woke up to the sound of room service wheeling in a table with fresh pancakes and cold champagne. While the waiter popped the cork, Brett surprised me with another birthday treat – stunning diamond hoops.  The day was off to a spectacular start! Although I must say that I would have been happy with a bowl of Rice Krispies and a Hallmark Card – so long as Brett was there beside me.  That said – what girl doesn’t like champagne and diamonds!

The plan for the day was pretty simple:  room service, a bit of sightseeing and lunch, some pool time, and dinner in a tent overlooking the pyramids.  In my opinion, it was the equation to the PERFECT 30th birthday!  A good friend of mine recommended a lunch spot in Al-Azhar Park that overlooks the Citidel and offers lovely views of the entire city.  The weather was actually very pleasant that day with a nice breeze, and because it was Friday (the Muslim equivalent to Sunday for Christians) the park was hopping!  Honestly, I was a little concerned when we first got in line to buy our tickets to the park.  I couldn’t believe it – the ticket counters were divided by gender!   Brett and I had to stand in separate lines.  Although the funniest thing about it was that my line moved faster, and I was still able to buy 2 tickets.   So – it really didn’t make all that much sense….

Lunch in Al Azhar Park. FASHION: Silk Chiffon Animal Print Jumpsuit with Metallic Gold Empire Waste Detail. Tailored Made in China.

Inside the gates, the park was filled with people.  It was wonderful to see all the families scattered about sharing picnics and playing games.  We strolled for a bit and weaved our way to the restaurant, located at the highest point of the park to provide the most optimal views of Cairo.  While the park appeared to be full of locals, the restaurant had more of an eclectic crowd of tourists from all over the world.  The menu offered some familiar options (sandwiches, salads, etc.) as well as some popular Egyptian dishes.  After stuffing our bellies and taking in the views, we heading back to the hotel to relax by the pool.

SIDE NOTE: I want to be sure that I am clear about something for anyone visiting Cairo….even though I have not mentioned it – we did NOT skip the Egyptian Museum.  It is a must see!  How can you leave this city without seeing the mummies and the treasures from King Tut’s tomb?  The answer is that you cannot!  Tip: you have to check your camera at a little security building outside of the museum by the ticket office.  We learned this the hard way and waited in line to get inside the museum twice.  Also, we went without a tour guide, but I think you might find a guide helpful.  The museum is in the process of moving to a new location, and it is not all that easy to navigate.

Now….back to the birthday! After the perfect amount of Vitamin D, we headed up to the room to shower and get ready for dinner.  Our fabulous concierge, Noha, organized a tent dinner for us overlooking the pyramids.  She timed the reservation perfectly for sunset.  We feasted over lamb and chicken kofta (kabobs), delicious hummus, and other Egyptian cuisine.  Not to mention…I smoked a hookah pipe for the first time in my life.  The most popular flavor of tobacco used is apple.  Truthfully, this

Smoking a Hookah Pipe

sounded terrible to me (let’s just say there may have been an incident in college involving an apple martini) but it was actually sort of fun and the apple taste wasn’t very strong.

At the end of dinner, Noha came to escort us to a “different” table for dessert.  Little did we know that she (with help of course) had prepared an entire surprise birthday party complete with balloons, confetti, belly dancers, traditional Egyptian performers, and cake!  What a treat! We even got to learn a little belly dancing ourselves….

Surprise Party!

While Brett and I rested from the belly dancing lessons (harder than you might think) in the tent, I noticed a man in the distance holding what appeared to be a rather large dog. Brett agreed that something looked a bit off, and slowly we both realized that not even Cujo had paws that size.  It was not a dog at all – it was a lion.  I knew that it was probably some sort of money making scheme – but I really didn’t care. How many opportunities do you get to hold a baby lion?  Plus – it saved me the expense of a microdermabrasion treatment. Their tongues are no joke.

At the end of this perfect night, I found myself feeling sincerely guilty.  It had been the best day. Thank you, Noha and everyone at the Four Seasons 1st Residence!  To Brett – there are no words…. You seriously outdid yourself!

Next up:  Luxor

Zai Jian 20’s…Hello Big Blonde 3-0!

29 Sep

In the 3rd grade we took a family trip to Chicago.  Of course after all of these years, many of my memories blur together; however, one exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Chicago has stayed with me – a traveling treasury of Ancient Egypt.  I knew at that moment that I must someday visit that amazing country.

Turning thirty seemed like just the right time to explore the only country with the last standing wonder of the ancient world.  In fact, I actually found myself counting down the days with excitement and happiness.  And, as we all know, living in a world of botox, chemical peels, and $300 an ounce face creams claiming to make our faces feel like baby bottoms, getting older is typically not welcomed with a giant smile.

Anna, Sara, Morgan, and Brett at Carmen

Before I start to share the details of our voyage to Egypt, I must first thank my precious twenty-something ladies in Beijing for including an “old lady” like me in their September Babies’ Birthday Bash!  Below are some pics from the small group dinner at Carmen for tappas and homemade cupcakes (par moi) before the bigger party at The Beach (an outdoor rooftop bar with a sand covered dance floor).

Look how the cute 20-somethings pose for the camera, while the hungry 30 year old can't wait to dive into the cupcakes...

Realizing that I totally jumped the gun. Oops!! (Sara, Lauren, me, and Sarah)

Here is a recipe (courtesy of The Food Network) for the infamous Magnolia Bakery cupcakes that I used.  I must admit that I still managed to down them at my normal rapid rate even after discovering the amount of sugar in the icing alone!  See for yourself below…you might get a sugar high just reading it.

Magnolia Bakery Cupcake Recipe

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