A “Short” Story

19 Dec

As promised, here are a few more fashion inspirations for those lucky birds flying south this holiday season.  Below are some of my favorite bare-legged looks from the Spring 2012 runways.

Spain anyone? It might be considered a bit too literal or "costumey" if you are planning on watching some bull fights - but who I am kidding? I love a costume! Perhaps Balmain could have made these a touch longer - but if you have the thighs...then I say give these babies a try!

This Cacherel look is dying to go window shopping in Bermuda. I would do it myself but there is not a direct flight from Beijing. (Among other reasons....)

This retro inspired look by Dolce and Gabbana should really only be seen on the Italian Riviera. Although, it would probably bode well in Vegas too.

I love the simplicity of this look by Carven. Also - I am a big fan a citrus paired with a neutral. I do feel; however, that it lacking at least one arm full of bright-colored bangles. Obviously.

This look from Chloe feels effortless and chic - perfect for any warm winter holiday get-away.

This Jill Sander short suit reminds me of the bathing suit Rachel McAdams wears in the "I'm a bird" scene in The Notebook - so naturally, I am a big fan.


This fantastic monochromatic look by Kenzo is quite possibly my favorite. I am thinking South America...Chile or Argentina. And, not to go too Chinese or McDonald's on you...but I think I would add a touch of yellow - sunglasses or maybe a piece of bakelite. Just a suggestion... Honestly, if this look were available right now, I would just add some tights and challenge the Beijing cold.

So proud of my friend Rebecca Minkoff. From her famous Morning After Bag to a full ready-to-wear collection - she is proving that hard work pays off and fashion dreams do come true.



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