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My MTV Style Bit Moment

13 Oct

I briefly mentioned that I was interviewed by MTV China in my write-up about the 125 years of Bvlgari celebration at the National Museum of  China. Here is the finished clip that recently aired.  My part is split into 2 sections.  That said, we (Brett is in it too!) don’t show up until minute 3 – so for my non-chinese speaking readers…you may want to skip ahead (although the jewelry shown in the first 3 minutes is stunning!)

I have to tell you that the funniest thing about the interview was that the MTV producer on site told me how brave I was for revealing my age.  What?  When did it become brave to say you are 30?  I thought it was supposed to be the new 18 or something…

And by the way – since it taped, I turned 31 – and I am loving it!

Check out the link and let me know what you think!

MTV China Bvlgari Style Bit – A Blonde in Beijing Interview

A Blonde in the Bush

3 Oct

Just a quick entry to say that we are loving South Africa –  and that I am sorry to lag behind on Paris Fashion Week.  I promise to make up for it when we return from the Bush and Mozambique.  Of course, I will also write up reviews about our trip – the food, the animals, the beaches, the lodges & resorts, and the wonderfulness of the South African people!

Please stay tuned! 


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