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Green with Envy

9 Feb

It is official!  New York Fashion Week is officially underway.  I am truly green with envy.  Perhaps I will just wear one of these amazing looks as I run my errands today in Beijing.

Running errands in Beijing = The opposite of front row runway seats and the lights of Lincoln Center.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2012

Chris Benz Spring 2012

Diane von Furstenburg Pre-Fall 2012

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012

Jono Fui Spring 2012

Kenzo Spring 2012

Images courtesy of http://www.style.com


FALLing Forward

9 Feb

The world of fashion moves so fast.  It seems that before it is even time to buy a spring wardrobe, it is time to look forward to buying a fall one.  The pace can be overwhelming at times, but it can also be beneficial.  It helps you recognize which trends have staying power, and more importantly – it pushes bad trends out the door a little more quickly.  In honor of the start of NYFW Fall 2012 tomorrow, this post is dedicated to those looks from the Spring 2012 collections that needed to be shoved, not just pushed out the door.  Here are my favorite Spring 2012 Fashion DON’TS!

Don’t Wear a Cabby’s Car Seat Cover as a Dress

Daniell Scutt Spring 2012

Don’t Forget to Remove Your Dry Cleaning Bag

Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2012

 Don’t Dress as a Toilet Paper Bride

(Outside of a Bridal Shower)

Comme des Garçons Spring 2012

Don’t Be Borderline Bjork

Giles Spring 2012

Don’t Wear Tissue Paper Skivvies Over Your Clothes

Maarten Van der Horst Spring 2012

Don’t Wear a Keg Around Your Waist

Thimister Spring 2012

Don’t Wear Pea Green Ankle Socks – Ever

Don’t Shop at the Local Looney Bin

Nicolas Andrea Taralis Spring 2012

Don’t Let the Dog Eat Your Wardrobe

Mugler Spring 2012

Don’t Bare All But Your Face

Alexander McQueen Spring 2012

30+ Ruled the Red Carpet – 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards

16 Jan

While it’s true that the twenty-somethings can brag and boast to the world that their lady “baubles” are Barbie-perfect perky – and that bouncing a quarter off their firm derrières is a guarantee – tonight, at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, it was the 30 and up crowd that ruled the red carpet.  Check out these leading ladies below.  They truly prove that 30+ is the new fabulous.

Elle Macpherson in Zac Posen – Age 47

Salma Hayak in Gucci – Age 45

Nicole Kidman in Versace – Age 44

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang – Age 39

Kate Beckinsale in Roberto Cavalli – Age 38

Charlize Theron in Dior Couture – Age 36

Paula Patton in Monique Lhuillier – Age 36

Natalie Portman in Lanvin – Age 30

China Daily – Are you kidding me?

29 Dec

In every issue of China Daily (the English paper here in Red China) there is a column entitled Language Tips.  I typically find it quite useful.  For example in the Better Chinese section of the column today, I learned how to say, “Don’t speak ill of others” (don’t we all need this reminder from time to time) and “Think before you speak.”   I think we can all agree that these are common helpful phrases.

It was actually today’s Better English section that threw me for a loop. It is seriously one of the oddest passages that I have read since moving to China (and that is saying a lot!).  I mean – of all of the buzzwords they could select…they picked this one.   Plus, they described it in such a Debby Downer way.   There is no doubt in my mind that there has been a rise in educated and talented women who choose to live life as they please – but is this really how it needed to be explained to non-native English speakers?

Excerpt from today’s China Daily (12.29.11)



A freemale is a woman who opts for a single life, valuing friendships rather than pursuing extended romantic relationships.  Some freemales also choose to live childfree, choosing not to have children for a variety of reasons, while others decide to become single mothers.

There are a variety of reasons to choose to live as a single woman, including a desire for an unencumbered lifestyle, the rising divorce rate and an inclination for asexuality.  The freemale demographic is very intriguing from a real estate perspective.  Single women are putting pressure on housing markets to provide homes that are comfortable for single women living alone.


I mean is there truly “an inclination for asexuality”.  I find this hilarious.  Please send me your thoughts…

LOVE the Shoes. HATE the dress.

24 Sep

Agree or Disagree?

A look from John Richmond Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Images courtesy of http://www.vogue.it.en

Birthday Love from LUDA!

19 Sep

As if Brett’s birthday wishes weren’t enough (and they totally were!)…Mr. Dirty South himself, Ludacris showered me with birthday wishes backstage at the Black Rabbit Music Festival here in Beijing.

Backstage with Ludacris. One more perk of being Blonde in Beijing...it is much easier to get the attention of the people in charge of backstage passes when you are blonde in a sea of brunettes!

This was the inaugural year for the Black Rabbit Music festival  – which made one-day-only stops in Beijing and Shanghai.  The craziest part – Ludacris wasn’t even the headliner.  It was 30 Seconds to Mars.  We skipped out for that and went over to see Grand Master Flash. Sorry Jared.

Morgan and Jared Leto. He is an odd bird - very nice but still...odd. I think I liked him more as Jordan on "My So Called Life" than front man for 30 Seconds to Mars.

The festival was fun – but I really credit that to Brett and our wonderful friends who came with us…and Luda of course!  His portion of the show was great.  But as far as festivals go, Black Rabbit has a lot to learn.   My favorite oddity of the night was that the VIP Area (this was just a perk to an upgraded ticket type – which I wouldn’t recommend except for the parking and easy entry access) only served wine.  Who drinks Merlot with a hot dog?  Or better yet who drinks Merlot at Grand Master Flash? I guess the answer in this case is – me. When in China, right?

Our Black Bunny Crew: KC Connolly, Lena Abed, Sara Wilson, Megan Connolly, Brett and Morgan Hutchinson (picture is missing Moya Li and David Soffer!)

Morgan and Brett at Black Rabbit (I prefer Bunny) Festival in Beijing

Morgan and Lener Beaner!

This picture was taken just after “THE GIRL” finished crashing the stage at Grand Master Flash. By the way, Mom, can you guess who “THE GIRL” was? That’s right…your 31-year old daughter! I use the phrase “THE GIRL” in quotes because after my exit from the stage (okay maybe it was more like a removal…) GMF yelled out, “Give it up for THE GIRL”!  To this, my friend Megan replied, “Couldn’t he have at least said THE BLONDE?”  I couldn’t have said it better.

Morgan sporting the Black Bunny Mask with Megan & KC Connolly and Moya Li.

For a first attempt – I think the Bunny people did an okay job.  Is there room for improvement?  Of course.  Can they do it?  No doubt (well…as long as they ask for some outside help).  We will definitely give it another go next year!

London Day III – Spring 2012 RTW

19 Sep

Happy bright colors, lady like looks, and loads of rompers!   Day III of London Fashion Week is my favorite so far.

DARLING geometrical romper by Holly Fulton

This look can literally be worn from day-to-night. If styled with a leather motorcycle jacket and chunky accessories, it could be great for popping around town - BUT if paired with strappy metallic heels and sparkly bangles, it could be a nice alternative to the LBD for a gallery opening or drinks with friends.

Mario Schwab’s spring collection was sophisticated and ladylike.  The dresses shown below have structured, yet still very feminine lines that add, not detract to the natural beauty of a woman’s body.

LBD by Marios Schwab. I love the intentional VPL.

This deep V is the perfect amount of reveal - and the neckline is flattering to the shoulders.

I am obviously in love with this look by Mario Schwab. It is a bit trashy and elegant and the same time. (A look I often try to achieve!)

Nicole Farhi’s use of ice cream parlor colors makes me want a triple scoop cone of orange sherbet, raspberry sorbet, and lemon basil ice cream!

Nicole Farhi Spring 2012 : Bubble Coat Dress

Nicole Farhi Spring 2012 : Trench Coat Dress

Nicole Farhi Spring 2012 : Asymmetrical structured top with matching Bermuda shorts

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…I present to you a dress by James Long shown at Fashion East.  Doesn’t it just make you think of candy?

James Long Spring 2012 at Fashion East

The use of ballerina pink, sheer fabrics, and soft layering in Richard Nicoll’s Spring Collection reminds me of a fairy in her off time.  Think Tinkerbell off duty from Peter Pan.

Richard Nicoll Spring 2012 : Lounge wear for Tinkerbell

Richard Nicoll Spring 2012: Tinkerbell Running Errands

Richard Nicoll Spring 2012 : Tinkerbell at her best fairy friend's baby shower.

Matthew Williamson’s details and embellishments were over-the-top.  These were my two favorite (and in my opinion – most wearable looks) from the collection.

Matthew Williamson Spring 2012 : Embellished Dress

Matthew Williamson Spring 2012 : Printed and Embellished Romper

Images courtesy of http://www.style.com

Too thin? Too rich? Is it possible?

19 Sep

I am not sure about the rich part – but after looking at the spring collection from Tribune Standard, I know it is possible to be too thin.  Do you agree?

This might be a cute swimsuit, but I can’t get bast the model’s protruding rib cage.  Aren’t you hungry, honey?

The models at Betsey Johnson are typically a little more filled out than most of the other shows.  By that I mean, they have at least eaten this week.  I am wondering if the look below is Betsey’s way of mocking the sickly thin look. Perhaps since you can’t see the rib cages on the models she uses in her shows, she decided to silk screen some on.  I think it is sort of hilarious.

Images courtesy of http://www.style.com

Over-the-Top Thom

14 Sep

One thing is certain – Thom Browne never bores his audience.  His shows are consistently off-beat and in my opinion – highly entertaining.  I find his Spring 2012 collection particularly interesting because wearing an entire look of his, from head to toe, could be borderline Gaga – but if properly edited, each of the looks shown below has an element that I would love to add to my wardrobe.  Then, I would create an occasion to wear it!

I love the white mermaid skirt. I would pair it with a simple black tank and wrap the yellow beads around my neck a few more times to shorten them.

Love the herring bone skirt. I would ditch the oversize coat and instead, pair it with a strapless, clean lined bustier, wide black paten leather belt, and classic Louboutin peep toes. I would definitely keep the shades!

Love the sailboats. Perfect for the 4th of July – sans no-neck jacket. I think it would be darling with a basic white cotton razor back tank.

Honestly, I am kind of liking this entire look - but I think it becomes more wearable as separates. 1. Plaid top paired with black cigarette pants. 2. Striped pants with a navy and white polka dot vintage cut bikini top for a stroll down the beach...oh and a big straw hat!

I love the yellow and white jacket with ruffled scarf. Not so sure about the plaid pleated skirt with oddly long suspenders...

I cannot name a single occasion where anyone (with the exception of Lady Gaga) would possibly wear this - but I absolutely LOVE the brain that thought of it. The claws just make me smile 🙂

Images courtesy of http://www.style.com

What the F [ashion]???

12 Sep

Obviously, I have already pre-ordered this for Brett.  Ladies, I suggest you do the same for the man-in-your-life.  I have a sneaky suspicion this look is going to sell like hot cakes.

What man doesn’t need a multi-color sequins top with abstract polka dots and a matching banana hammock? According to Libertine – this is a must have for Spring 2012.

I am dying to know what other ladies (and gents) think of this look.  Please do share with me!

Images courtesy of http://www.style.com.

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