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Barbie Me Badgley!

17 Sep

Mark Badgley and James Mischka, the geniuses behind the label Badgley Mischka, really know how to put on a show.  Their regal gowns shine like diamonds on the runway.  And, last I checked…those were still a girl’s best friend.  I always love the dresses that they produce, but I particularly like this collection because it is less about delicate and flowy and more about color and shape.  My cup runneth over for color.

I think the dresses below have the ability to make any girl feel like a Barbie Doll!

Everything about this is Barbie. It is seriously a modern version of The Enchanted Evening Barbie.

Vintage Enchanted Evening Barbie

I really like the black necklace with it. Takes a bit of the sticky sweet out...

The Barbie Doll version...a bit too conservative. I prefer Badgley Mischka's.

Perfect Party Dress.

Barbie "winterizes" the look.

Mixture of metallic and turquoise is beautiful.

The vintage version. I prefer the more simple metallic to this brocade - but the color combo is still nice.

This dress just puts a smile on my face. I am curious to see which celebrity might be brave enough to wear it on a red carpet. I say - GO FOR IT!

Barbie certainly went for it!

Happy Blooms

Clearly this is the early 1980's version of the dress!

The designers: Mark Badgley & James Mischka

Images courtesy of http://www.style.com

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