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Great Whites

25 Sep

Spring is in the air! Okay…Fall is in the air, but at winter’s end, when the snow melts, the buds bloom, and the blue birds return – we will all have plenty of “Great Whites” to wear. Here are several of the most interesting whites that made their way down the runway.  (À mon avis…bien sûr!)  I guess I should have saved that phrase for next week…but I don’t know how to say “in my opinion” in Italian!





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Classy Bride?

25 Sep

I don’t know if it was the carnival theme itself that made me forget that I was the “bride” or just the nature of being a Kentucky girl at heart that brought out my “trashy” side…but after looking through the photos, I realized that I may have had a few questionable moments at the Circus of Love.  I mean – there was a point when my mother’s amazing friend, Jeannetta, told me to put down “one” of my drinks.  Seriously…a double-fisting bride?  Who did I think my groom was? Edward Forty-Hands?

Taking a shot of Blanton's with my friend, Ellen. Clearly, she is also a Kentuckian!


Big Top Bourbon Tasting


Ouch! Caught "pink" handed with 2 drinks!


Cracking open a Pabst Blue Ribbon!


Why toast with champagne when you have PBR?

Images courtesy of Eden Ink Photography

Frankie Morello’s Leaning Ladies

25 Sep

The title of this blog is not a typo  – the models you see here are not leading ladies, they are leaning ladies.  Inspired by the marvel of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Frankie Morello’s Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection pays homage to this wonder of the modern world.

This photo was snapped at the perfect moment...but think about it - she splits the tower with every step she takes!


This is as close as a designer can get to a literal "column" dress (okay column jumpsuit, but still...)


Hint...hint, Mr. Brett Hutchinson - I would like for "Santa" to bring me this hat for Christmas!


Dear Katy Perry, I am counting on you to sport this look down a red carpet. Sincerely, The Blonde in Beijing

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