Trashtastic at Jeremy Scott

24 Sep

With the whimsy and sex-kitten nature of the designs that Jeremy Scott is famous for, it is no surprise that some of his biggest fans include Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj. His Spring 2012 collection is no exception to his “there are no rules” rule when it comes to fashion.

This season he is undoubtedly paying homage to the Wild Wild West.  Well – that and maybe a 7-Eleven at Panama City Beach that sells postcards, sunscreen, and oversize t-shirts with silkscreen bikinis on them.

One thing is certain.  He has his own unique point of view, and he has cornered the TRASHTASTIC market.

I love that the two on the left HAVE holsters and the one on the right IS a holster!

It will take a special person to pull of the bandana bikini dress (Katy Perry comes to mind) - but I would totally wear the other two mini dresses...with different hair of course. Or maybe not...

Postcards from Fashion's Edge

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