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Silly Schafers – “Tricks” are for Kids!

23 Sep

Technically, I am now a Hutchinson – but the real truth is that when it comes to Brett’s family, the Schafers pretty much dominate.  The sheer volume of them alone is quite phenomenal (Donna – Brett’s mother is 1 of 14)!  Then, when you add in their entertaining personalities and their uncanny ability to coordinate routines that would put the Partridge Family to shame…they become an unstoppable force.

It should come as no surprise to you (since you are reading this) that I not only like, but prefer over-the-top things.  So when my new family welcomed me into their crew by writing a song and singing it for us, staging a FLASH dance in the middle of the Circus of Love, and performing the famous Schafer Magic Show – I could not have felt more at home.

Here are a few pictures from “The Schafer Shows!”  Another big thank you to all of you.  You made our big day under the BIG TOP even more “Carnie”!

Settling in our seats for The Schafer Song!

                               Brett and Morgan Song










Gary Schafer...The Ring Leader!


The guests get involved!


I Heart Donna Schafer Hutchinson!


Let the Magic Begin!

Susie the Clown

Schafer sisters stomping and clapping to notify the crowd that the show is about to begin...

I "magically" reappear with a flying trapeze inspired costume change....

Brett Approves!

Let the Show Begin!

Toasting Before the Show

Amazing 1st Trick!

Clearly, we were impressed...

This is a good one...light bulb lit by cleavage!

We like it!

Saved the Best for Last!

Officially becoming part of the family...

Images courtesy of Eden Ink Photography




Mix & Match at Prada – Spring 2012 RTW

23 Sep

It takes all of five seconds to see that for her Spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection, Miuccia Prada was highly inspired by the 1950’s, the retro style of Pin-Up girls, and well…cars actually.  I am inspired by her collection not only for its “sweet” (as she called it) femininity – but for its mix & match capabilities.  It is the first collection that I have seen this spring that has so many interesting separates – allowing the buyer to switch things up and create an entirely new and unique look for herself.  I so prefer a nod to the runway versus the exact look that came down the catwalk.  I mean – why would I want to wear the EXACT same thing as a gorgeous 5’10” string bean model with perfectly coiffed hair and airbrushed quality make-up?

If I were lucky enough to purchase this entire collection…here are a few ways that I would play with the pieces!

Prada Spring 2012 RTW

A:  Red pleated skirt over floral bodysuit –  for an out-door BBQ on the 4th of July!
B:  Blue bandeau top under floral jacket with my own white high-waisted Theory trousers.  I can’t show as much tummy as this girl!
C:  Blue Ilet lace jacket with my own yellow polka dot bikini from Target and a big white straw hat – for a stroll on the beach!

Prada Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

1. Crimson skirt with crimson blouse and use the red bandeau as a head-wrap or a belt.  I think monochromatic looks can be very chic – not to mention slimming in a dark color such as this.  Also, it really extends the shelf life of the pieces.  It could also work for Fall.
2. Blue pleated skirt over pink bodysuit.  Perfect for your best friend’s baby shower.  Especially if they have not announced if the baby is a boy or a girl!
3. Pink printed car jacket with my own vintage black paten leather belt (courtesy of my great-grandmother, Mable Birdie Bass) – turning it into a coat dress.

Prada Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

1. Obviously, the blue silk blouse works nicely with the floral skirt.
2.  Dark teal pleated skirt with my own off-white blazer, a black cotton razor back tank, a wide metallic gold belt, and bright orange (keeping on trend for the season) bangles.
3.  Floral bandeau top with white Calvin Klein bikini bottoms for sun bathing!

Prada Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

1. Clearly, the jacket would be darling paired with the dress.
2. Floral bodysuit paired with dark washed skinny jeans and super tall CL peep-toes would dress it down a bit.  Note: the jeans could not be low-rise…that would just look weird.
3. Floral bodysuit paired with a light blue ball gown skirt for a summer soirée.  (Notice that I did not say “my own” when referring to the ball gown skirt mentioned above.  It is another item on my wish list.)

I am now feeling inspired to go and do some mixing & matching in my own closet!  Are you?

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