My Veruca Salt Moment at Temperley London

21 Sep

Alice Temperley always presents a beautiful show filled with slinky gowns and elegant embellished clothes.  Her spring 2012 collection was no exception.  I enjoyed many of the looks – but I felt that this particular one deserved its own post.  Pippa – you were there in person.  What do you think of this?  Your sister, Kate, probably can’t pull this off at a royal event. Perhaps you should call dibsies!

“I want it…and I want it NOW!”

This look is a combination of many of my most favorite things right now. Romper. Check. Mullet Style (i.e. short in the front & long in the back). Check. Rich Neutrals. Check. Gorgeous Billowing Silk. Check.

Alice…if you want to go ahead and drop this in the mail to me – please use Brett’s work address and send via DHL. The postal service in China isn’t so reliable.

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