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Obsession: Traveling Make-Up Station

21 Sep

I picked this up last week here in Beijing at a local market.  I am now obsessed!  Every girl should have a traveling make-up station!

By the way…if any of you in the States are interested, these are MUCH cheaper over here.  I am happy to pick one up for you!  Seriously – email me if you would like to order one.

Who Cares If You Only Get 1 Wear?

21 Sep

It doesn’t take more than a single glance at Mary Katrantzou’s womenswear collection to see that her background is in textile design.  Her Trompe L’oeil technique is so real that it is often difficult to tell if it is a print or actual embellishments on the clothing.  The only downside is that her clothes, rather her works of wearable art, are so memorable that it could prove difficult to get more than a wear or two out of them.  But – if you are anything like me…perhaps you don’t wear your special occasion pieces more than one or two times anyway!

Here are a few of my favorites from the Spring 2012 line.  The details in the prints deserve some serious focus to really see all of the amazing elements that they have to offer.

It's like a color block garden...on a human.

I would totally wear this to a birthday party or throw on a simple white blazer and ballet flats to bop around town.

More of the Mullet look (short in front long in back). Love it. I also love how the print around the waist looks like an actual belt.

I don't think this look is specific to spring or summer. It would be really cute with black leggings or tights in the fall as well.

Seriously!!! How is this a print? It looks 3 dimensional, right?

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My Veruca Salt Moment at Temperley London

21 Sep

Alice Temperley always presents a beautiful show filled with slinky gowns and elegant embellished clothes.  Her spring 2012 collection was no exception.  I enjoyed many of the looks – but I felt that this particular one deserved its own post.  Pippa – you were there in person.  What do you think of this?  Your sister, Kate, probably can’t pull this off at a royal event. Perhaps you should call dibsies!

“I want it…and I want it NOW!”

This look is a combination of many of my most favorite things right now. Romper. Check. Mullet Style (i.e. short in the front & long in the back). Check. Rich Neutrals. Check. Gorgeous Billowing Silk. Check.

Alice…if you want to go ahead and drop this in the mail to me – please use Brett’s work address and send via DHL. The postal service in China isn’t so reliable.

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Roksanda Rocked the Bells @ London Fashion Week

21 Sep

Roksanda Ilincic has been showing her collections at London Fashion Week for the last 3 years.  In this time, she has cultivated a line known for its beautiful construction and unique color combinations, as well as its consistent nod to 40’s &  50’s Parisian haute couture. In doing this, she has captivated quite a large celebrity audience including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Margherita Missoni, Rosamund Pike and Cate Blanchett.  She also caught the attention of Mattel (that’s right…the makers of my favorite teeny tiny Blonde – Barbie). Recently, she designed the clothes for 50 limited edition Barbie Dolls that were sold at Colette in Paris and Browns in London.  By the way…I think I just realized my dream job.

For her spring 2012 collections – Roksanda really rocked the bells.  Well – the bell sleeves anyway.  Here are my favorite looks from the runway.

Barbie would totally wear this!

I just love the volume of the sleeve...

This is my favorite look (yes...even over the pink!). I think she looks so chic - and yet somehow completely effortless. And the shoes, with the little red ankle strap, are the perfect touch.

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