OM BeBe!

16 Sep

Truth be told, I wrote off Bebe as a wearable brand the day I graduated from college.  I considered their clothes to be “swap clothes” (for those non-southerners – that means clothes that you would wear to a sorority/fraternity mixer).  The brands previous seasons have included skirts that are a little too short, tops that are a little to low, and dresses that are a little too tight.

That said, this season’s runway collection went an entirely different direction.  With the addition of design consultant, Charles Benton (previous experience includes Emanuel Ungaro) Bebe created a more sophisticated aesthetic.  In fact, in place of the bold colors that consistently fill the brand’s mall windows, they presented an entirely white collection.  Here are a few of the standout looks:


Don’t get too excited though.  There is no need to make a mad dash to your local mall just yet. A spokesman for the brand told the press that only a few looks from the collection will go into production to be featured in 40-50 stores.

Personally, I think this is a step in the right direction – but Bebe should be very careful to not lose their current customer base.  After all, there will always be college girls with cute little bodies and mommy & daddy’s credit card.

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