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Fashion or Felony

13 Sep

This is the problem with orange.  It can go from a bold fashion statement to a prison jumper with one false design move.  Are we at Lincoln center or driving past a work crew on the Jersey Turnpike?

Check out my picks for the penitentiary.

Spring 2012 Prison Look from Patrick Ervell

Spring 2012 Prison Look: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Spring 2012 Prison Look by Carlos Miele. PS - the greased back hair is not helping.

Spring 2012 Prison Look by Derek Lam

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I HEART Kelly Wearstler

13 Sep

I seriously do heart Kelly Wearstler – but I think I heart her more as an interior designer than an exterior designer (i.e. fashion designer).  Granted – this is only her second ready-to-wear collection; however,  it just doesn’t add up to her amazing interior spaces.  With spaces that outstanding, it was going to be tough to compete – even with herself.

Here are a few comparisons.  I realize that it is a bit difficult to judge between two different categories – a coat vs. a couch or a blouse vs. a bar is not a typical match up – but I think you can do it, and I want to see if you agree with my assessment.   Happy Judging!


BG at Bergdorf Goodman


Blue geometric gown


Entrance and vanity area in a Brentwood Estate


Pink and white zigzag print blouse with navy blue full silk skirt



Living room in a pied a terre


Mustard, black, and white MOD ensemble



Lounge at the Viceroy Santa Monica


Black and white color block coat – (this one is actually a tough call for me…the coat was my favorite look in the collection)

I look forward to hearing your reviews!

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Nascar in China

13 Sep

Not so fast Nascar fans(pun intended).  While Formula 1 has a large audience here, the more American styles of car racing have a long way to go.  A recent event hosted by (the chinese equivalent to Facebook except you have to be invited) proved that unlike in America, a racing event in China (with over a billion more people than the US mind you) cannot pull in 100,000+ screaming (okay…often drunk) fans and cause traffic jams for miles.  The fact the we were allowed to chill inside the flag box says a lot, but the picture of the empty stands below says it best.

We really did have such a great time though – 100,000 other fans or not.  Our friends Moya and David (who invited us) were a blast as always.  Plus, there was a VIP room with food, free drinks, and most importantly air conditioning to get a break from the Beijing heat.  And, as you will see below – we had fun playing in P1’s photo booths!

Moya Li and David Soffer Posing for the Camera

Morgan Hutchinson and Moya Li. Do you like how we both dressed for a racing event?

Me and My Wonderful Husband.

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