125 Years of Bvlgari

12 Sep

By the time Bulgari actually celebrated its 125 Years of Italian Magnificence here in China – it was already time for the 127th year celebration.  Not that anyone is holding it against them.  I am just assuming they took the slow boat.

Bulgari’s Heritage exhibition has been traveling around the globe for over two years now with stops in Rome and Paris – among others.  Lucky for us, it recently settled in at the National Museum of China in Beijing.  So on September 4, 2011 – Beijings’ “fancies” came out on the town to toast to the jewels (with Moët of course).

Brett and I hosted a little champagne and make-up pre-party.  He is such a good sport!

Sarah Wilson, Morgan Hutchinson, Meili Autumn (my great friend and the best make-up artist in Beijing), and Lena Abed in front of our apartment building.

Brett & Morgan Hutchinson at Bulgari Pre-party (i.e. our apt.)

Blondes in Beijing: Sarah Wilson and Morgan Hutchinson outside of the National Museum of China. Sarah is wearing a "50 Different Ways" dress from Legacy in NYC. I am wearing a reconstructed vintage dress from the 80's with a Birdie Bass Original Fascinator

Brett and Morgan Hutchinson at the National Museum of China

Just like everything in China – there is a VIP entrance and then there is a VVIP entrance. My thought process is why not try for the VVIP? So, with all the confidence I could muster up, I walked right up to very important red carpet  – only to be immediately stopped by the man with “the list”. Ouch. I wasn’t prepared to give up just yet.  So, I simply stated that I am “The Blonde in Beijing, and I am meant to walk this carpet”.  (Whatever that means…) Then, with the help of my blonde fro – photographers began to take notice and left their posts to photograph us.  Apparently, this was the only proof needed by the “list keeper” and the velvet rope was lifted for us.

Giving Brett a kiss to say thank you for always putting up with my shenanigans. Truth be told - I know deep down he loves them! I mean just look at his shoes...

All the ladies on the VVIP carpet: Meili Autumn, Moya Li, Sarah Wilson, Morgan Hutchinson, and Lena Abed

My interview with MTV China. They asked me to describe my look for the evening in great detail. It will air on September 23rd!!

125 Years of Italian Magnificence Invitation

Vivian Liu and Andreas Buöen

Brett and Morgan Hutchinson inside the Bulgari Exhibit. Amazing Jewels!!

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  1. mona September 12, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    Hey! I know you are entranced by the fashion industry this week, but don’t let that make you forget to eat, breathe and call your mother!!! ha! Happy early birthday. I will call tonight. love you

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