The Chinese Oscars

9 Sep

Brett and Morgan Hutchinson...fake VIP's! We are in China of the fakes, right?

It may not have been Grauman’s Chinese Theater – but it was in fact a Chinese Theater, packed with Chinese celebrities and two clueless Americans (make that four…our friends Sarah and Abe were also with us) anxiously awaiting the results of what is considered one of China’s leading award ceremonies for motion pictures….  I am referring to the Fourteenth Annual Huabiao Film Awards that took place last Sunday in Beijing.

So…how did Brett and I end up at the pre-party with all of the nominated actors and actresses after walking the freakishly long red carpet as VIP guests?  One word (or car I should say) – Jaguar. Apparently, arranging a few cars for VIP arrival transportation (real VIP guests I would like to add – not us) gets you 6 tickets to their version of the Oscars.  (2 VIP and 4 regular seating).   Selfishly we took the VIP tickets – but we asked 2 great friends to come along, as well as, Allen (our Chinese son/Driver) and his girlfriend Vicki.

The entire night was fascinating…for many reasons.  One being that Brett and I were completely clueless as to who all of these people were (with the exception of Jackie Chan who sat directly in front of us during the ceremony).  With him in front of us – the cameras were on us a lot.  This prompted an incoming of text messages from Brett’s colleagues letting us know that we were on CCTV and we looked like we had no idea what was going on!  That was true.  We didn’t have a clue what was happening  – but it didn’t make it any less fun or entertaining.  The clothes alone made it worth it.  Seeing the gowns from Fall 2011 couture runways up close and personal was a treat in itself.

Here are a few of the fashion highlights of the evening…and one mega fashion DON”T!

Angela Yeung Wing Wearing Valentino 2011

Angela Yeung Wing. Look at that PERFECT complexion. I am not even sure she was wearing make-up. Just Stunning.

Liu Yi Fei in Louis Vuitton Fine Jewelry

Beautiful Chinese Model in Vibrant Coral with Morgan Hutchinson in an Ivory Rock & Republic Halter Gown with Metallic Gold Leather Belt

Niu Li in a Green Silk Jersey Cut-Out Dress. Only her body could do this dress justice!

One of the celeb's publicist. Doesn't she look fab in electric blue? Also, check out her glitter Miu Miu wing tips!

Now for the Fashion Don’t!

Yuan Li in a terribly see through black lace gown. Yes, that is her thong! Eek.

Close-up of Yuan Li taken in the tent right before she walked the red carpet of shame.

Beijing Blondes - Sarah Wilson and Morgan Hutchinson at The Huabiao Awards in Beijing

Our seats. Before seeing our names through the sea of Chinese characters, we clearly thought we were in the wrong section...for good reason.

Brett and Morgan Hutchinson

14th Annual Huabiao Film Awards Invitation

3 Responses to “The Chinese Oscars”

  1. Jean Blankenship September 9, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

    Oh, boy! You and Brett are so beautiful. Love your dress and you r hair that way! When did this take p lace? By the way, Almost Happy Birthday! Sending wishes your way because I don’t know exactly when you are going to South Africa. I’ll give Mona your present and she can do her thing with it. I’m still remembering the Circus of Love. And I still love,love,love you! Mama Jean

  2. mona September 9, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

    Love the Chinese Academy blog! Also, love the fact that Mama Jean is bringing me your gift and I can do MY thing with it!! How sweet of you Jean! ha!

  3. chichichic! September 9, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    so glamorous! love the couture!

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