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Pretty in Pink – Beijing Fashionista

8 Sep

It is no secret that I am a lover of fashion.  To me – clothes, shoes, jewelry (specifically bangles), belts, and hats are all small decorations of everyday life…Like sprinkles on a cupcake, they make everything better!  Apparently, my love of playing dress-up (I just couldn’t give it up after childhood!) has not gone unnoticed here in Beijing.  In fact, I was actually selected for City Weekend Magazine’s August Fashionista.  It was a super fun experience!

In addition to the crew of City Weekend, I specifically want to thank Make-Up Artist Extraordinaire, Meili Autumn.  Please check out the link to her website on the right.  It is full of fun facts and helpful tips.

Below is the link to web version of the article and a few snapshots from the shoot.

Morgan Hutchinson

Morgan Hutchinson

Morgan Hutchinson

Morgan Hutchinson

City Weekend Cover August 2011

City Weekend August 2011 Fashionista Spread

Make-Up by Meili Autumn

Costume Change!

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