Paris in the Springtime Part Deux

8 Jul

Okay…so I realize that it is officially summer.   I also realize that we have officially been back from Paris for over a month – but between planning The Circus of Love in Columbus, Ohio and our Safari Wedding in South Africa (all the way from Beijing) I am a little bit behind on my blonde blogging.  That said, I would like to quickly sum up the rest of our wonderful trip to Paris.  Then…I will get back to stories of our life here in China!

Saint Germain L'Auxerrois Church

Isn’t it such a pity that Jennifer and Jean-Marc were married in such a boring cathedral in the center of Paris?  I really feel for them.  Just wait until you see the reception venue.  Complete white trash.  It is so clear that she is a fellow Kentuckian.  Oh wait…I think I might be mixing their wedding reception up with the “Circus of Love” (i.e. carnival freak show) that Brett and I are having next month.  That’s right, it’s all coming back to me now – Jennifer and Jean-Marc’s reception was held at Château d’Ermenonville – a breathtaking castle just outside of Paris.  Classic mix-up.

Admiring the Beautiful Bride's Beautiful Bouquet

Old KY Friends Reunite in Paris! FASHION: Gold One-Shoulder Herver Leger Bandage Dress with Leopard Print Louboutin Peep-Toes

It took less than an hour to get to the château from city center – which flew by as everyone in the last few rows of the bus came equipped with a bottle of champagne. Why is it that the misfits always sit in the back?

Jenny and JM timed everything perfectly.  We were able to check in to our room (which was inside one of the château’s turrets by the way – so cool!) make a quick costume change, and then head down to a cocktail hour in the courtyard area just as the bride and groom were finishing up their wedding photos.

Inside Saint Germain L'Auxerrois

Brett in front of Château d'Ermenonville

Cocktail Hour! FASHION: Late 70's Vintage Gold Lame Halter Dress

We spent the cocktail hour (although we should probably add an ‘s’) enjoying the perfect spring weather while catching up with old friends and chatting up new ones from every corner of the world!

A few quick pics before the dinner began.  The meal was a culinary treat!  Lucky for us…we got to enjoy the five-star cuisine from the Château more than once – since we overslept and missed the bus the next morning!  I still cannot believe that we were the only two guests who missed the bus after a wedding reception that lasted until 5AM!  They certainly do know how to keep a party going in Paris.  That said, I had the best steak tartare of my life the next day for lunch.  I would miss the bus all over again for that.

To Jennifer, Jean-Marc, and both of their families – Thank you so much for including us in your special celebration. We had the best time!  I also have to send a thank you to Alex Leeper for reminding me (and Brett) just how cool kids can be. Alex – you are one cool kid!

The beautiful views from our room!

Rosé at Roland Garros

The next day we were able to go to the French Open – and as luck would have it we got to see Federer  and Djokovic play.  Not each other, obviously, it was only the first round – but it was such fun.  I love how the French do sports.  What better way to take in a match than with foie gras, champagne, and macaroons?

Lunch at the French Open

Brett...are you positive that China's car market is larger than Paris's? Maybe we should move here and find out?

We spent our last night in Paris with Leigh (a childhood friend of mine from Murray) and her husband Damir.  They met us at our hotel bar – which was darling.  We stayed at Le Hotel Burgundy ( for the last few nights – a boutique hotel in the 1st arr.  The rooms are fantastic and it smells like I imagine heaven will smell.

When the hotel bar closed – we all decided to head upstairs, raid the mini bar, and enjoy a night-cap on the balcony. Naturally, Leigh and I could not stop pinching ourselves.  Are we really in Paris together?  The same two little girls who used to play in the mud back in Kentucky?  The ones whose mother’s made them call when they crossed Chestnut Street to go from the Cheri Theater to Pizza Hut?   Mom!  Gay!  We survived!

Parisian Flea Market - Marché Vernaison

We did manage to sneak a little shopping in before we left the next day, but there is not enough time in one’s life to explore all of the treasures that Parisian shops and flea markets have to offer.  I do have one recommendation in particular though – Antiquitiés Bijoux in the Marché Vernaison is a treasure trove of vintage Chanel and YSL.  They carry only the most unusual and well-preserved pieces.  It is not to be missed.  (Allée 1, Stand 3, 93400 St.Ouen.  Tel: 06 03 47 76 11).

Au Revoir, Paris!  Until we meet again….

4 Responses to “Paris in the Springtime Part Deux”

  1. Rain Thomas July 8, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    It’s so beautiful! I will be in Paris in November & I’m imaging it won’t be quite as nice then, but we have sunshine all the time in San Diego so different will be fun! We going to Berlin, Prague, Paris & Amsterdam and I sort of hope I get to see a little snow it’s been a while. I sent you a note on facebook too…my fiance & I will be in Beijing Sept. 5th through 15th & I would love to meet up with you one of the days we are there! I think we’re going to go to Hong Kong & get married for fun before our big wedding in November! Now what’s this about a circus wedding, lol?

  2. Rain Thomas July 8, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    P.S. who is taking these wonderful photos & with what camera model?

  3. Mama Jean July 8, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    Oh, Morgan, I miss you ao much. But I wouldn’t stop you from having such a wonderful life if I could. Just remember how much your grandmother loves you. Now I have Neal and Laura in Europe, mostly Brussels and Holland. Augusst is coming soon!

  4. mona July 12, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    Hmmmm! Weren’t you and Leigh the same two little girls from Kentucky that liked to show off those painted on bikinis!!!! Good thing you all were in Paris together and not Nice!! ha!

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