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From Beijing with Love

31 May

The shopping in Beijing is amazing and at times completely overwhelming.  And believe me – it takes a lot for a shopping excursion to overwhelm me.  In fact, if retail therapy was considered a sport… I would be an Olympic team member.  I love to haggle, and I love the thrill of a bargain.  All of that is to say that I am currently working on A Blonde Buys – a shopping guide to Beijing (and other places in Asia) to include on the blog.

In the meantime, I will include a picture of Brett’s favorite Beijing purchase to date.  It is the most perfectly inappropriate souvenir for friends back home.  Craig, this is just the look for a new dad of a sweet baby girl.

Looking for a job in marketing?

31 May

Have you recently lost your job in marketing or advertising?  If the answer to that question is yes, then you should move  to China.  They need you.  See the picture below and tell me if you agree.  It is probably the worst restaurant slogan I have ever seen in a window display!

"Probably" the Worst Restaurant Window Slogan Ever

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