Sun Chips, Horseradish, and Cascade

2 Apr

I have always been told that it is the small things in life that make you the happiest.  Living in Beijing has confirmed this theory.

During my 3 trips to visit Brett in the fall, I confirmed that certain crucial items were available.  I mean…I do love this boy, but could I have moved if say…there was an absence of readily available Diet Coke?  Luckily for Brett, we will never have to know!

After a few weeks of living here permanently, I really started to notice a variety of missing or difficult to find items that I had grown accustomed to using on a weekly, if not daily basis.    Let’s see if any of you can relate to removing these items from your daily routine:

-Clorox bleach wipes (what is a girl to do?)

-Cayenne Pepper

-The big bag of Splenda used for cooking

-Black tights that fit someone weighing more than 95 pounds or 43.2 kilograms (oh yes -I am all metric now!)

-A Crock Pot

-Toothpaste that is not flavored like potpourri

-Aerosol hairspray (clearly a problem for any southern girl)

Many embarrassing tears later I did find a Crock Pot.  And, with the help of a friend, I located an amazing life saver…Jenny Lou’s International Market.  My first visit to the store was absolute bliss as the second I entered the door, I laid eyes on every flavor of Sun Chips in existence.  Granted, they are almost 7 USD a bag, but everyone deserves to splurge on her favorite chips once in a while, right?  I proceeded to the second floor  – more bliss – horseradish, liquid Cascade, and Honey Bunches of Oats.  I thought to myself; can life get any better than this?  And then it appeared…a lone can of aerosol hairspray.

2009 had many bumps in the road for me.  It was wonderful to be reminded that a simple, everyday grocery item could put such a huge smile on my face!

Beijing Tip: Jenny Lou’s has many locations around the city.  Visit the website to see all locations:

I have also recently had luck at the BHG Markets in the lower levels of Solena Mall and Sanlitun village.

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